They Chose to Write #sol20

I had a wonderful surprise today. Two of my students shared writing with me on Google Docs.

Now you may be wondering why that is a big deal. It is a big deal because they have not been in school for two days, and yet they are writing. I did not tell them to write. We are not doing e-learning at this point, but they wrote anyway. One wrote a how-to piece about drawing people and the other wrote a persuasive piece about bringing pets to school. He started another one about why dogs are the best pets.

Both of these students wrote decent first draft essays. I am thrilled by how well-written they are. It is great to know that they are truly learning the material. As normal, I commented on their writing, detailing their strengths and a goal or two to work toward. That simple act provided a sense of normalcy for me. I hope it felt that way to them, too.

It touches my heart that they chose to write on their free days. Simply because they wanted to write. My heart is full.


  1. Yay! I am so glad your students are writing. Two of my third graders blogged since we’ve been home. It feels so good to be able to connect with them!

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