Into the Past #sol20

I had a delightful Facebook conversation with my cousin Kathy this past weekend. She is an avid genealogist, and she shared some of her research with me.

I learned about and saw photos of my great and my great-great grandmothers on my maternal grandmother’s side. I also saw a photo of my great-great grandfather on my maternal grandfather’s side.

It was wonderful learning about these ancestors. I truly want to learn more now. I am preparing to start a new notebook just for the family information that I find out. Thanks to the Sprocket printer I bought recently, I can easily print and add the photos I find, as well!

The stories of the past fascinate me. I am excited to see where this adventure leads!



  1. Quite a few Slicers seem to be contemplating new projects to carry us through these odd times–how wonderful that you have a source at hand to help you with yours. My father has been scanning and labeling family photos, for which I’m very glad. I hope you post some of your notes and pictures at some point!

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  2. Oh how I wish I could have asked more questions… it is so important you capture these thoughts and memories now while they are with us. Such a wonderful project for sure.



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