Day 3 Then It Dawned on Me #sol20

Yesterday was a whirlwind. To quote Opie Taylor from the Andy Griffith show, I felt like a “windmill in a tornado!” Today will be no better.

It’s the end of the third grading period.  I’m grading and recording essays and final science projects for three classes.

In all honesty, I did not think about this when I decided to join the slice challenge. Even so, I awoke this morning with the dawning realization that “this, too, shall pass,” and the rest of the month will seem easy in comparison! That thought helps to dispel any anxiety that has been building. I smile about this as I sip my coffee and begin to prepare for my day.

Happy slicing, friends! Despite the busyness of this week, I’m glad to be here!



    1. Thank you, Paula. I keep chipping away at the essays and report card comments. It will all be fine once those things are done. I’m determined to stay focused. I wrote today’s post on my phone while I sipped my coffee this morning. I am making use of every available moment!!

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  1. It is our last week this week too. I am so behind in grading because I have been working on our yearbook…always something, isn’t it. Spring break will be here soon!

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  2. Wow, and look at you hanging in there. Good for you. A windmill in a tornado–I haven’t heard that before, and I like it. It is something we all feel some days. Congratulations for coming back her again.

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