Facing the Silence #sol20

Yesterday, I wrote and posted this in the 100 Days of Notebooking and BEYOND group:

Today the quiet is deafening. My husband is at work. I am alone in the house. When I write, I do not play music, podcasts, etc. However, I am quite used to “white noise” in the background, such as that typically provided by the traffic outside.

With the television and radio off and no podcast or audio book playing, the quiet becomes quite overwhelming.

I am trying to sit with that, and I am learning something about myself. In this quiet, I have no distractions to keep my mind busy. I have to let my busy, multitasking brain be okay with the fact that I can concentrate on simply one thing at a time. I can practice a singular focus.

I am discovering that this is difficult to do! I am used to a barrage of sensory information entering my mind all of the time. To only have one thing in front of me and the quiet isolation of this quarantine surrounding me, I am feeling a bit off-kilter.

I am sure I will get used to it. Though that presents another concern…How easy will it be to get back into the groove once everything gets back to normal?



  1. I don’t think it’ll be easy to get back into the groove – it’ll be sensory overload.
    Enjoy the quiet. Rest and rejuvenate.



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